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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  June 17, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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>> in the news this sunday morning, june 17th, a toddler downs in san mateo after wandering away from her home. and oakland police search for a hit-and-run driver after one person is killed in a crash. good morning, everyone. happy father's day! i'm carolyn tyler. let's start with a quick look at the weather. here's our meteorologist, lisa argen. >> good morning, everyone. still quite warm out. no sign ever fog here burks we have the southerly surge and the status is moving up the coast. right now 68 fremont, 64 san carlos, half moon bay at 67. 55 in the city with the south wind gusting to 16 everybody so certainly not everyone feeling the effects of the cooler air
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this morning but if you live along the coast you are. we are looking for the fog to stay out of the bay today, but the effects of the cooler marine air will be felt pretty much everywhere. numbers out of the triple digits in the inland valleys. 50s and 60s this morning with numbers climbing to the 70s by midday we just hold it in the mid-90s today. details about a cooler week ahead in a few minutes. carolyn. >> lisa, thank you. tragedy strikes a man mateo family after their three-year-old daughter downs in a lagoon near the family apartment. a candlelight vigil was held last night outside the complex on day street in san mateo where the child died yesterday. her child initially called 911 reporting her daughter missing. she wandered away from their home around 4:00 yesterday afternoon. the police quickly began searching. she was discovered in the lagoon by neighbors a short time later. >> the child was pulled from the
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water. they had tried to revive the child, but weren't able to. >> it's really sad. yeah. i hope i don't know the child. it will be worse. >> the little girl's identity has not been released. the san mateo corner's office has taken over the investigation but by all accounts this appears to be an accidental death. oakland police are looking for the hit and run driver connected to a deadly collision in east oakland last night. at least one person died in the crash near 61st avenue and teva street just after 9:00 last night. that intersection was shut down while police gathered evidence and talk to witnesses. so far no details about the driver who left the scene. we will be updating this story throughout the morning as more information becomes available. dozens of burlingame residents are out of their home today because of a fire that caused widespread damage to their apartment building.
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we first reported the fire on cadillac way as breaking news yesterday morning. abc7 news reporter follows up with the displaced residents. >> the woman, said someone get out because my apartment is on fire. if i stayed there for a couple minutes i wouldn't be here right now. >> fear and flames rushed across the top floor of this building. investigators believe burning grease caused the blaze that destroyed several apartments. >> two were involved with heavy fire damage, damage, and then 1r the third floor are uninhabitable due to smoke and heat. >> 25 apartments and more than 50 people are impacted. the red cross set up a faster center inside the apartment's clubhouse where displaced residents can get food and water and even a place to sleep. normally the red cross would put people up in hotels. >> unfortunately right now there are not very many hotel rooms available. the u.s. open has apparently
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filled up a lot of hotel rooms. >> the frustration for many residents is growing. not just because of the lack of lodging, but also because of this. >> the fire alarms didn't go off and i didn't hear anything at all. >> some residents that i spoke with said the alarms sound once they were just about out of the building. the complex uses manual fire alarms. investigators are checking the entire system to see if smoke detectors, which are not required to be hooked up to the siren system, were working. regardless, several people don't plan to move back into this complex. >> it makes me uneasy that the fire alarm went off so late. it makes me doubt like, i don't know, doubt like the security system. >> the apartment management would not comment on the fire or on the alarm system. but i did learn that the entire system was tested by a third party company and it passed inspection in april. in burlingame, i'm lease you,
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abc7 news. a possible gang shooting in san jose has sent one person in the hospital. last night multiple shots were fired near pride and orange streets. one person was shot perhaps in the back. police are looking for two people who drove off in a newer beige vehicle, possibly a honda. so far no suspects are in custody. this morning a major water main break in benicia is fixed after causing a street and highway closer while crews were working to repair it. public works shut off the water yesterday afternoon but not before the pressure raised the pavement on west seventh street three feet above ground. water reached the off ram of interstate 780. west seventh street and the off hampton off-ramp were reopened around midnight. parents and teachers in oakland say the school direct has left them no chose but to camp out at lakeview elementary. the cam and rally yesterday afternoon, designed to show the district it can't close schools
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just because it wants to. lakeview is one of five schools the district has shut down. parents say this grass roots movement is not going away. well," is that we are taking our schools back. taxpayers, people from the community, the parents, the teachers, they are taking what belongs to them back. the school board should not have the right or power to close schools in neighbors. every neighborhood deserves a school in it. >> the district said the school has to close because of budget concerns and declining enrollment. there's a new scholarship established to honor one of san francisco's fallen heros. last year you might remember firefighters and paramedic perez and valero died in fighting a house fire. yesterday the family and friends of perez funded a scholarship at his high school alma mater. his brother told us it has been
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a tough year. >> every day we definitely think about him and kind of almost set my day to how i feel. i kind of think about it from there. but it's been really difficult. i mean, he was like a second dad to me growing up in our neighborhood. our dad worked so hard so he always looked out for me growing up. >> the scholarship at reardon is $25,000 for sons of firefighters. coming up next the world has an eye on election day in greece where voters could very well be deciding that country's economic future. and hot and dry weather is creating more problems for firefighters battling blazes across the west.jñ
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>> voters in greece are heading to the poll today for the second time in the last six weeks for the most critical election in 40 years. at stake is the country's place in the union and the european dollar itself. world markets have been wait fog see how greeks will vote. will they decide for spending cuts or decide with the young politician that promises to cancel private tiesation and nationalize the banks. there will be more on that coming up on on "good morning america" after our local news here on abc7. in egypt, holes are open for the second and last day of the presidential election. this is the first time the egyptians have had a choice on she electing their leader. experts say that person will most likely be forced to answer to the military. military recently dissolved parliament and the country has no new constitution. new major topics are dominating this nation assures
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from dennings race this week. mitt romney is talking jobs and president obama talking immigration. both issues come up on abc "this ""while they talk about america's future. that's "this ""at abc7. and prosecutors are wrapping up their molestation case against jerry sandusky tomorrow. but today sandusky is undergoing court ordered psychiatric testing. there are reports with a source with knowledge of the case, they wanted a seek logical exam after his lawyers won the right to introduce testimony on whether he suffers from a mental disorder. he is charged with sexually abusing at least ten boys over a 15-year span, charges he add matily denies. >> dry weather in colorado is
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not helping an army of firefighters trying to contain massive wildfires in the rockies. here's chuck severson with the latest. >> reporter: there's noen in site to the wall of flames raferraging across four western states, including this one in the high park, colorado. >> 185 homes destroyed by this fire. my you understanding is that makes this the most destructive wildfire in colorado. >> more than 1500 firefighters are trying to bring it under control. >> they are are putting their lives on the line, putting all their skills and efforts on making sure the fire is contained as rapidly at possible. >> now we any where and how it began. the tree that started it all. >> they have found in the south part, south edge of the area, the actual tree where the lightning struck. he ight days ago. >> sense then hundreds have fled their homes in an effort to escape a fast moving fire wall.
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>> this guest ranch lost all his food for his 45 horses. >> the hay we had up there is gone, the grass is gone. >> but there is a ray of hope. the fire spared the cabins. the many residents in the little bear fire in southern new new mo felt the full blunt. the lightning-sparked blaze started twelve days ago and as destroyed everything in its path. chuck severson, abc news, new york. in southern california a brush fire is burning out of control right now in riverside county. the fire near the city of beaumont has charred 2,000 acres of brush. it's still greg near the ten freeway. it's only about ten percent contained. firefighters have been dealing with winds gusting up to 30 americans. no injuries fortunately, and no structures threatened. officials say the cause of that fire is under investigation. back here at home in brisbane, firefighters are not waiting for a wildfire to break out before putting their skills
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to the test. yesterday a strike team with the north county fire authority took part in an annual wildfire awareness event. they responded as if a massive fire had just consumed the hilly terrain near king's road. the training is not just for the crews, it's also for the residents. >> it's always an immediate danger being in this kind of terrain. >> when an emergency happens you don't really have time to stop and think, right? >> you run into glitches, and you work them out ahead of time, when the fire is there is not the time to do it. so i'm glad they do these. thereof already been a couple grass fires in brisbane in the last week and a half. so this training was another opportunity for crews to keep their skills sharp. yeah, we've had this dry, very hot weather so that certainly is not helping, lisa. >> no. but we do have that fog just off the coast. it's surging to the north from the half moon bay area right now but a live look outside, it's clear.
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55 in the city. 71 far inland. so we are talking about cooler weather today. i'll let you know how much cooler next. >> thank you, lisa. also next it was moving day at the u.s. open and tiger woods found himself going in the wrong direction on the leaderboard. mike shumann has the highlights coming up in sports. our cloud is not soft and fluffy.
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>> this morning investigators will be looking into why a stage being set up for a concert collapsed killing a person. it happened yesterday afternoon in toronto just hours before a sold out radio head concert. it was cancelled. three other people were seriously injured. the international olympic committee has launched an session into allegations that olympic officials are selling tickets on the black market. according to london sunday times newspaper, several thousand tickets to some of the most popular events were put up for sale by national eolympic committee members from their official ticket quotas. the ioc said they have ordered an immediate inquiry. a late afternoon dust storm swept into phoenix, arizona yesterday. you can see the dust cloud approaching in this time-lapse sequence. before it's over you are not going to be able to see much of
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anything. visibility in some places was down to less than one-eighth of a mile. numerous crashes forced the brief closure of a major highway south of phoenix. the 35-mile-per-hour winds were tied to a thunderstorm that kicked up the desert dust about 5:00 in the afternoon. well, happy father's day to all of the dads out there. and the weather getting a little cooler here. >> absolutely. we are looking in some places over 15 degrees cooler. that would be downtown san francisco. we were at 86 yesterday. today about 68 out there. as you head outside right now you can see from tam a little haze out there. but we are looking at the breeze kicking up along the shoreline, those southerly winds allowing for a big cool down for marin county up toward sonoma, into the east bay and, of course, the peninsula. everyone will feel it, just not as dramatic in the inland valleys. live doppler 7hd this morning, very quiet. you see far off just a few
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clouds around. we will be looking at low clouds and fog for a short time trying to enter the bay this morning. not making much progress. tonight we will look at the fog moving across the bay. look at the temperature span. 55 half moon bay, 69 in livermore. so still pretty warm out there. 66 in fremont, 56 in san francisco, but the wind direction is allowing for some minor cooling this morning. but still two to seven degrees warmer than we were yesterday morning. so it will take us up again into the 90s. but we have the southwesterly wind. the fog started out well to the south of us. it's cloudy around monterey and salinas and now just about up toward half moon bay. but the breeze continues to kick up along the coast so we will look for the mild temperatures inland this morning. cooler today for father's day. patchy coastal fog but we will see sunshine for the u.s. open and the cooling trend continues for the next couple of days. in fact, it looks pretty average. so here's a look at the fog as
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we will continue throughout the morning hours. by about 7:00, tries to move into the bay, but notice it just skirts it, running parallel to the coast. that will set up the natural air conditioner today for much of our sea breeze. the coastal communities. so numbers really coming down around much of the bay today. but inland it will stale be well into the 09s, taking another day or so until we take the edge off the heat. look at all the 100s here from sacramento, chico, fresno. we are lacking at the red flag warning into the sierra nevada, western nevada today and lake tahoe as our system slides to the east. 81 in los angeles and back home, yeah, it should be a little bit cooler here for sure. 90 in campbell, 87 cupertino with 91 in los gatos. on the peninsula the fog up along the short line with numbers in the 60s from half moon bay, 80 menlo park and in san francisco 68 degrees. so feeling much, much different
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today. 63 in daly city. in the north bay just some low 90s. you have to go pretty far north up toward clover day, santa rosa, 86 further south. 14 sausalito with oakland coming in at 78. a nice afternoon for you. 81 in newark. here are the 90s. but certainly a good ten degrees cooler than yesterday. the around in livermore registered 1 had been 6 yesterday. -- 106 yesterday in 93 in danville with 78 watsonville. if you are watching golf or headed that way, there will be a breeze for sure. numbers much, much cooler. a southwest wind. mid-50s to the mid-60s today. here's a look ahead. we are coming down another ten degrees tomorrow and temperatures kind of stay that way on tuesday. summer begins on wednesday. a little warmer but then we are cooler again by the end of the week. >> well, that's pretty good. >> yeah. we are getting used to that sort of thing. >> up and down. >> yeah. >> the roller coaster effect. well, they are loving it out
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there at the olympic club, as you said. so let's check that out in sports at 3:10 this afternoon coleaders graham mcdowell tee off at the san francisco club in san francisco. both hoping to win their second u.s. open champ ship. both men are at one-under par and the only players in red going into the final round. tiger woods will try to make a charge after struggling yesterday. mike shumann has the highlights in this morning's sports. good morning. well, no one is exempt from the trials and tribulations of a u.s. open course, not even tiger woods. he started yesterday's third round-under par and ended the day way over par. three straight days of perfect conditions at the olympic club. tiger wishing for a redo. two bogeys in the first three hole. and a 67 and this great birdie on 18. he's tied for fourth at 2-over. two time u.s. open champ ernie
5:24 am
els puts himself in contention with this eagle. he's also two over. shot of the day on the par 3, 13. john peterson, are you kidding me in a hole-in-one. you can go ahead and celebrate. 2003 open champ jim furyk birdie putt on 11 puts him in the lead at one-under. he's tied with graham mcdowell, the 2010 champ. he would make birdie. and tiger on 18, a long putt for par. he would going guy, 5-over 75 on the day. he has no quit in him. here's the leaderboard. jim furyk and mcdowell in the final group. watch out for westwood and els. tiger back at 5 over. it will be a great father's day for someone. tim lincecum, 11 miles outside of seattle. he played his college ball at u. w. and was on the mound last night against the mariners. first time pitching as a giant in his adopted hometown of
5:25 am
seattle. once again he struggled out of the gate. wells is gone. solo shot. 1-0. and 2-nothing mariners. timmy, not the showing he was looking for. giants battle back and tied. in the fourth they get the lead. ron theriot singles in belt. two rbis for theriot. and then crawford comes in with a base hit. giants up 4-2. runners on the corners. timmy throws in the dirt. ichiro scores. lincecum gave up 5 runs in five innings. and winning run on the infield single. giants lose 7-4. tim any now 2-8 on the season. well, the a's won their fifth straight yesterday with a win over the cowboys. former cal bears ross on the hill. flirting with a no-hitter. you won't believe who broke it up. ross, his first start since the 30th. six ks. if you want a no-hitter, you need run support. seth smith delivers, solo blast.
5:26 am
1-0, a's. you also need great defense. watch coco crisp. a leaping catch. and ross a no-hitter through five. but in the sixth the cal stanford rivalry never ends. former cardinal carlos quentin ends it with a 2-run shod. only one hit in six inning. shawn doolittle in for the a's. gives up the two-run double. padres up 4-3. wild pitch tied it up for the a's. then pinch-hitting jonny gomes. 2-run blast. his seventh. a's hold on for their fifth straight win, 6-4, your final." nakaochi finals game three tonight right here on abc7. coverage starts at 4:30. stick around for after the game. happy father's day for everyone out there. i'm mike shumann. have a great day. >> up next, singing a zaur tune and why some parents say the san francisco boy's chorus is in the midst of a management crisis. >> i'm nannette miranda in sacramento with a tiny town has
5:27 am
become infested with locusts. for one farming family they have become a nightmare, practically
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>> welcome back, everyone. stanford university holds commencement ceremonies starting at 9:00 -- or rather 9:30 this morning. and the keynote speaker is a 1992 alum who has become somewhat of a national hero.
5:30 am
corey booker, now the mayor of newark, new jersey. he recently made headlines by putting his own life in jeopardy to rescue a neighbor from her burning home. while attending stanford he was elected to the associated student council of presidents. he was also named to the all-pac 10 football team. after graduation he became a road scholar at the oxford university, and then earned a law degree at yale. san francisco's internationally renown boys chorus may be on the verge of a crisis. it has nothing to do with the artistic performances. some parents are questioning how the board of directors is managing the organization. >> the san francisco boys chorus is one of the city's jewels. the grammy award winning ensemble was found back in 1948 and sings all over the world. but now the organization has hit a sour note. more than 100 parents have signed a petition expressing dissatisfaction with the board of directors.
5:31 am
they said the board is shutting them out. >> we just want to have a voice on the board simply to be involved, simply to engage parents who actually help fundraising. it will help strengthen the organization. >> but on the administrative side parents accuse what one calls an unbelievably disrespectful board of directors for chasing away most of the staff and refusing outside input. >> it's clear the board is way out of step. >> former san francisco mayor willie brown pumps $25,000 a year into a scholarship he created to add racial diversity to the boys chorus. he said some board members have tried to kill his program and are not functioning the way a nonprofit should. >> when you exclude the public and when you refuse to have sunshine and lights on what you are doing, you clearly are running it as a very private
5:32 am
club. >> brown said the state attorney general should look into the management of the chorus. no comment from the members of the board. in the central valley this morning a problem as unpleasant as it is destructive. they have come by the millions. locusts have descended on the small town of harold about half-hour outside sacramento. as abc news reporter nannette miranda explains, they are hungry. >> i am used to bugs but not this many. >> walk anywhere on the farm and you can easily check up dozens of what are believed to be locusts. they warmed in on the town of harold two weeks ago and don't want to seem to leave. just how many? she was say in biblical proportions. >> at least 5 million of them. it said on the internet when i first started looking between 50 and 65 per square yard is a severe outbreak. if you stand in my backyard i
5:33 am
have about maybe 5,000 per square yard. >> and they are hungry. you can see them munching on the peach. there's nothing left of the hot peppers. they are even trying to eat the sign. they are also working on the rose bushes which were in full bloom until the unwanted visitors came and stayed. >> they are called the destroyer. very appropriate name. >> debbie's grandson often runs the yard with the net catching quite a few in one swoop. her dog can't decide which one to chase because there are so many. a u. c. davis scientists told her perhaps the dry, warm winter means less vegetation for the bugs to eat and combine that with a wet winter the season before when more bugs were born and that created the perfect storm. >> these are all dead. >> for now debbie catches as many as she can and drowns them in a pool of soappy poison. >> it's not funny anymore. it's not entertaining anymore. it's not pleasurable.
5:34 am
it's eating everything that i own and i'm not happy. >> and there's coco still looking for more bugs. debbie has applied for a permit with the state that allows her to use a pesticide similar to one used in africa to combat their locust problem. needless to say, debbie won't be able to apply to get her farm organically certified this year. abc7 news. >> today there's the latest hurdle the city must clear to keep the america cup's yacht race afloat. they have agreed to spend $150,000 to study the racing boats on my greating birds. it's part of a lawsuit settlement brought by a group that includes former board of supervisors president aaron peskin. they are concerned the snapping sound the big sails make could scare the migrating birds and possibly cause harm.
5:35 am
special time-lapse cameras will be on test cameras along the sail course to document how birds react. coming up next the big breakthrough. light in the middle of a tunnel that will carry water safely to your homes. and here is a live look from our sutra cam. there's a break in the heat wave and a beautiful day for father's day. lisa will have your forecast in
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>> under the fremont hills, that's right, under the hills, minors are bigging a tunnel that will ultimately secure much of the bay area's water supply in the event of a major earthquake. david louie has this abc7 news exclusive. >> minors call it a hole-three. that's where titans dug from opposite ends come together between the fremont hills. two separate crews were finally able to shake hands after 13 months of digging. because of safety concerns, the san francisco public utilities commission shot this video inside the tunnel. >> today marks a milestone of we have now completed a 4500-foot run. >> when it's completed the new tunnel will travel 3 1/2 miles underground, supplementing an older pipe built in 1954. that pipe supplies water to
5:39 am
2.1 million people in san francisco, the peninsula, the south bay and parts of almeda county. >> we still have pipe to go in here, eight foot inside diameter pipe the entire way. there's still a lot of work to do here. >> this is dangerous work. explosives are used daily. monster machines work within inches ever minors. add to in this project is sandwiched between two active earthquake faults. the tunnel are expected to cost $230 million and completed in the fall of 2013. >> the project will be paid for by a bond measure approved in 2002 to upgrade the hetch hetchy system. the pipes deliver miles from the hetch hetchy reservoir in yosemite park to the crystal springs damn along hay way 280. in the newsroom, abc7 news. proposition 29, the cigarette tax initiative remains too close to call this morning. the secretary of state's website
5:40 am
shows no side still winning but the lead is shrinking. the no vote leading, 52.4% to 48.8%. the l.a. times reports there are still 236,000 uncounted ballots that have to be processed. experts say the odds of the yes vote pulling ahead and winning are still quite long. it would need to get 52% of the remaining uncounted ballots. by the way, this prop 29 would add a dollar per pack tax to cigarettes that will be used tore cancer research. lisa argen is here now to talk about the father's day weather. >> yeah. we had some fog that is moving just parallel to the coast and the gustiest winds offshore. looking at 33 mile-an-hour winds around the bay. but this flag, 15 to 20 mile-an-hour winds so we've got 50s here, still near 70 inland. i'll tell you how cool it's going to get at your house next. >> thank you, lisa.
5:41 am
also ahead, what taste tests show about ice cream treats that are worth the money and the calories. 7 on your side's michael finney has the answer. and it is tom cruz like we have never seen him before. he belted out in rock of ages. but does the musical sing? our on the isle review is coming up.
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>> two new studies show surgical procedures for obesity is far more effective for diabetes than drugs. we wanted to take a closer look at a procedure first profiled more than six years ago. here's abc7 news health and science reporter carolyn johnson. >> i have been morbidly obese my entire life. i was 99 pounds when i went to kindergarten. >> just five feet tall, she
5:44 am
weighed 373 pounds but it wasn't until her cardiologist recommended bariatric surgery that she realized how serious her problem was. >> i said i'll think about it after christmas and he said quite frankly, i'm not so sure you will be here for christmas. i thought he was really mean and actually he handed me a lifeline. >> she opted for a procedure that was quite knew at the time. unlike the lap band that synchs part ever the stomach off and can be reversed, she close to go with the sleeve gassectomy. all that is left is a pouch about the size of a banana. >> it was pretty safe over the time we started doing it but over a five year it's safer than a lap band. >> he is chief of surgery at california medical center in san francisco. >> the reason they choose the operation they realize they don't have to have an intense natural by pass to get
5:45 am
100 pounds of weight off and cure their diabetes. five year weight loss results are 60 to 80%. if you had 100 pounds to lose, in five years you would still have 60 to 80 pounds off. >> for doreen the results were even more remarkable. after one year she lost 239 pounds. three times more than what the doctor had predicted she would be able to lose. her diabetes gone. >> pretty soon no one was more surprised than me that i could walk for an hour and want to keep going. >> doreen is quick to point out the surgery is not a magic bullet but a tool. six years later she's mindful of everything she eats and still keeps a daily diary. high protein, small meals are key and so is daily exercise. >> that patient that follows the rules that we give them will probably get all their weight off and have a great goal weight and stay there indefinitely. >> for doreen, less is more. >> life is very good, very full, very busy, very active all the
5:46 am
time. >> carolyn johnson, abc7 news. >> summertime for a lot of people means ice cream. 7 on your side's michael finney has some tips on finding the best frozen treats. hey, guys, i have ice cream. who wants floats, who wants sandwiches? >> summer is here is what better time to stock your freezer full of grab and go treats. >> while most kids are happy with just about ice cream, at consumer reports we found a couple that topped the ratings that mike make the discriminating big kids happy too. >> 21 different treats were evaluated, including the bars and sandwiches from dove, good humor, häagen-dazs and klondike. good humor bars were the lowest rated ice cream bars tested. they described the coating at thin, waxy and crumbling with ice cream that tasted of artificial vanilla and a hint of the wooden stick. several other dark chocolate
5:47 am
bars got sweet rear views, including häagen-dazs and dove, both rated excellent. although the kids may not notice, the bars had rich dark ice cream and chocolate. but they come at a price. >> they are expense of. they cost about $1.25 a bar and like all the berceau electrician neal they have a lot of fat and calories so you might want to save them as a splurge. >> for only 50 cents a piece consider the ice cream sandwiches from walgreen. the drugstore's old fashion ice cream sandwich was the only sandwich tested that wasn't gum my. it has a soft, cake-like cookie that has a big coco flavor. a conclusion these could have voices can definitely agree with. >> consumer reports show if you are looking to satisfy a craving for an icy cold treat with fewer sal he calories and no fat, consider frozen fruit bars. testers sized up strawberry bars
5:48 am
and rate the the whole foods strawberry bars excellent and the strawberry bars made by whole fruit. i'm michael finney. 7 on your side. doesn't summer officially begin -- >> wednesday. >> but it's been feeling like it the past couple weeks. >> but it will feel more like spring the nest couple days. >> as we yo into summer. >> exactly. but the actual first day of summer, to confuse you more, will warm up again. >> let's listen to lisa argen. she's confusing. >> and we headed outside. right now this is mount tam, and you will notice that it's nice and clear out there. but we are going to see that breeze continue to pick up along the coast today. so marin county, folks up there will feel the effects of the cooler air, as well as napa, sonoma, east bay, peninsula, south bay. have i left anybody out. clouds along the western coast. cloudy watsonville. live doppler 7hd shows we are looking at a live sweep.
5:49 am
quiet today. won't look at any rain but mist and drizzle comes back along the peninsula tonight. that tells you the marine layer will get more established in the next 24 hours. right now it is paralleling the coast. half moon bay, 55. 56 in the city. look at all the 60s, even upper 60s to low 70s. 59, though, in napa so that southerly surge started at about 2:00 this morning. but we still are running warmer than we were yesterday. 7 degrees warmer santa rosa and san jose. but the wind direction has switch. we are on shore even though the winds are light around the bay, along the coast looking at mother nature bringing in the air conditioner today. pretty much for everyone but more dramatically around the bay and the coast. mild this morning inland, cooler today for father's day. a patchy coastal fog. still sunshine for the u.s. open. cooling trend the next several days until we hit summer, when we will warm up again on wednesday. here's a look at the low clouds, the fog moving up from the south by about 7:00 this morning it
5:50 am
wants to take a right turn, but not going to happen. we will see it paralleling the coast so it remains shallow. yesterday 101 in napa. today 9. that's twelve degrees cooler. 106 at the livermore airport. 94 today. san francisco coming down 18 degrees out of the mid-80s. half moon bay a couple degrees cooler with santa cruz two degrees cooler. so a nice day there with watsonville a couple degrees cooler as well. you still have the sea breeze yesterday along the central coast and for the next couple days it continues to develop and stay breezy along the shoreline while we enjoy sunshine. the heat remains to the east of us in the central valley, as well as the high fire danger. for the northern sierra, also reno, western nevada looking at a red flag warning while triple digit heat still with us from sacramento to fresno. he we are looking at numbers ranking from 84 milpitas to 91 los gatos. 80 menlo park with the fog just
5:51 am
paralleling the coast. so 64 in the sunset district. upper 60s san francisco with 89 in novato. 92 santa rosa. 82 for union city. inland east bay, 93 pittsburgh with 90 walnut creek, 92 morgan hill. and if you are watching yesterday you notice it got much, much cooler at the olympic club than today. we will start out with the fog turning sunny but still breezy with the southwest wind. for the a's game, much cooler today. a nice afternoon with temperatures ranging from the upper 60s early in the afternoon to the mid-70s. temperatures coming down today, tomorrow, and tuesday. summer begins wednesday. a little warmer and a little cooler after that. hopefully we have sorted all that out. >> yes, you have. and for father's day do you buy your husband something or do you leave that to the kids? >> no, he's not my father. >> right, exactly.
5:52 am
thanks, lisa. [laughter] >> in theatres this weekend the musical rock of ages, it's based on the stage show that features music of the 80s. here's abc7 arts and entertainment reporter don sanchez on the isle. ♪. >> oh, that hair and those clothes and the music. flashback to the 80s. ♪. >> she arrives to become a singer and is attracted to this. eats a light weight between production members. what about tom cruz? he plays rock god's casey jack like a reincarnation of brett michaels in the old days. half naked, loser, surrounded by women and in a haze. ♪.
5:53 am
>> alec bald win in the long haired wig and russell brand for some laughs. and a slime my manager. mary jane blue jay got a hand when she showed up. and it includes music by journey. jones with the perfect american academy sent as the wife of the l.a. mayor trying to shut down the club. rock and roll, she said. it's like a campaign for the 50s. ♪ if you love music from the '80s, you have to see the fill. i guess the big surprise is tom cruz. yes, he can belt a song and you will see more of him than you have in any other film. rock of ages is like a streak of music videos, interrupted now and then by a flimsy story. it never takes itself too seriously. i will have to give it a little less than three quarters after bucket. i'm don sanchez, abc7 news and we will see you on the isle.
5:54 am
>> up next, the surf's up near san diego. dozens of canines hot dog their way to the guinness book of world record and it was all for a good cause. our cloud is not soft and fluffy.
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golf track tracks dozens of golf courses worldwide and lets dad keep track of his performance. if grilling is his game, there is a mobile grilling app. and there's ballpark envy which has details on every current and past big league stadium. what began as a good time on a san diego area beach has become a world record surf competition for dogs. yesterday's tornado bay resort dog competition broke three guinness book world records. more than ten dogs surfed on one board as one time. for ten dogs sur offed with a human at one time and more ten dogs surfed with two humans joust make sure the record stands. there were thousands of spectators raising money for preventing cruelty to animals. up next at six, sweltering heat swept across the bay area
5:58 am
yesterday. meteorologist lisa argen will tell us if it will continue this father's day. also a tragedy on the peninsula. a missing toddler is found dead affeldt drowning in a nearby lagoon.
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